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History and Mission of Majik Carpets

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Later Times: A New Era

Margo Kontente took over the company after 1969.
Photo 15b - Margo Kontente took over the company after 1969.

At my father's death in 1969, my mother, Margo Kontente, took over, for about 5 years, while my brother was still working in the tobacco business. She revealed to be a very good salesperson (Photo 15b).

The shop prospered in those few years where she created a cozy atmosphere which she called the ``carpet club'' comprising many carpet lover friends visiting the shop often.

Arslan Kontente.
Photo 16 - Arslan Kontente.

My brother, Arslan Kontente (1941-1988) (Photo 16) started shifting his interest to the business by traveling to many new areas in Anatolia, buying original antique rugs that were sold in the shop. He even discovered a few original pieces that he sold to the Turkish National Museum. He was a refined painter and he started to create new designs from the new knowledge accumulated and spread new looms in different locations. The production increased and he decided to concentrate on wholesale and export. {photo22-23} He realized his father`s dream.

Arslan Kontente (on the right).
Photo 22 - Arslan Kontente (on the right).

Arslan Kontente (on the left).
Photo 23 - Arslan Kontente (on the left).

Arslan Kontente.
Photo 17 - Arslan Kontente.

The firm known then as ARKO was very successful with the variety of beautiful original designs and its quality. It lived a golden age, in which it was appreciated both inside Turkey (gaining gold medals given by the chamber of commerce for supplying the highest tax records and highest export) and outside (Photo 17).

Unfortunately, the monetary policies of 1982 caused a shock to the business as it had to many other flourishing businesses. The firm managed to survive by merging with an associate supplying new funds. The decline started leading to the loss of my brother's health and life. The firm continued for a while after his death, quickly deteriorating and finally closing due to the lack of interest of the owners.

The hundreds of designs evolved during that period cannot possibly be introduced in this small space. I will just cover a few. If we are successful in our mission, you will soon be seeing new models on our carpet list (See photos 18-20).

Kula 18 (1975)
Photo 18 - Kula 18 (1975)

Kazak 19 (1975)
Photo 19 - Kazak 19 (1975)

Kazak 20 (1975)
Photo 20 - Kazak 20 (1975)

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