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History and Mission of Majik Carpets

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Our Mission

"Small is Beautiful" was a book written by E.F. Schumacher in 1974. It influenced my views upon the madness of our age where profit, mass production are the new Gods whereas all other values like happiness of the individuals, quality of life,conservation of nature, trust, honesty, friendship and love are thrown down the trash. As the book had predicted, Mankind was affected negatively by the rejection of all these values because these are so necessary for the happiness of the individual and of the populations. Even though the prevalent economic system is still encouraged, I observe that it creates only more and more chaos on our planet. I don't believe we deserve such a world.

As I'm not a political leader nor an influential authority able to change the trend of the world, my only possibility is to stick to my own values. That is, I don't believe that people should work just to earn money. They should also feel satisfaction to have created something. Rug weaving by hand at the machine age, as some young people told me, may sound stupid in terms of economy, but it is a rewarding job to the weaver as long as strict working hours are not imposed. (I don't approve of rug factories where weavers have to weave 8-hours-a-day.) It can bring pleasure as well as wealth to many people living in rural areas. Having their looms in their own house, they can work in the fields, do their work at home and weave their rug project at their own pace. This system has worked for many decades in Turkey and many oriental countries.

Father and son working together.
Photo 24 - Father and son working together.

Keeping all this in mind, we would like to continue weaving the beautiful designs that the Kontentes father and son had created and collected for almost 40 years (Photo 24)

So, to summarize, our mission is...

  1. To keep developing and protecting rug weaving which is one of our national arts.

  2. To recollect and honour the work of the Kontente family.

  3. To fight unemployment to some degree in our country.

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