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Production and Retail Sale of New, Turkish Handwoven Wool Oriental Rugs and Carpets
with Traditional Designs

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Majik Carpets sells hand-made, new oriental carpets from the Aegean region of Turkey. Even though our oriental rugs are new, they carry artistic, traditional, ancient Turkish designs. They are the best floor decoration you can dream for your home and interior designs. Their quality and beauty will immediately change completely the atmosphere of your setting by adding that special and refined look.

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These oriental rugs' craftmanship are done by artisans working on their own village looms using the best quality wool which is hand spun and vegetal dyed. No children below working age are employed in the process. All the designs are from Turkey and Caucasia and some are of nomadic and tribal origin. There are Bergama rugs, Kazak rugs, Kozak carpets, and Yuruk carpets.

We guarantee the quality of our rugs: If our carpet doesn't meet your expectations you can return it within 30 days and we will send your money back.

Our hand woven oriental rugs have very colorful patterns with beautiful motifs and border designs. The Turkish knotted pile is used for these oriental rugs. The weave is hand made and as fine as the Turkish knot and the thickness of the hand spun wool permits.

The majik oriental carpets are among the highest quality in Anatolian carpets in terms of weave, color, and wool quality. They are collectibles that you can keep and enjoy for years. These oriental rugs will always have a higher value with time and will be interesting for collectors of historical and traditional oriental rugs.

Remember, choosing a natural material like wool for carpeting is the healthiest solution since wool is renowned for being anti-allergic.

You can see the pictures of our rugs in our online carpet list . We have more information about our majik carpets here.

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